We have been working hard with our software developers to get the new version of the WRaPT tool up and running and released to users by the 9th April 2018. Late last week we made the decision to defer Release 1 to later in April so that we could launch to users a more fully worked up version – this will include the homepage dynamic statistics and some further performance enhancements to improve how the tool operates when dealing with large amounts of data.

To ensure continuity of the WRaPT tool we have extended the hosting of the current tool which will remain available to all users until the new tool is released. Please see below the revised timetable:

  • Current version of thisiswrapt.org.uk remains available to all users
  • 30th April 2018 – Release 1 of new version of thisiswrapt.org.uk is available to all users.

This includes:
o Homepage
o Organisations
o Baseline models
o Scenarios
o Security & performance enhancements
o Accounts

• Date TBC – Release 2 to include reports and additional functionality

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