This is an overview of our Capabilities. Our five main capabilities are listed below.

As with most of our work, there is a subtlety to our consulting capabilities and we often combine them during our engagements.

Feel free to contact us if your need isn’t listed as we continually evolve our offering.

Information Governance

WRaPT take their Information Governance responsibilities seriously. We recognise that IG is a major enabler in the day to day functioning of all health and care organisations as they process, store and access masses of personal data each and every day. The appropriate use of data is enshrined in laws such as the Data Protection Act 1998 and soon the General Data Protection Regulation (May 2018) and affects how the information we gather about individuals can be used.

Data Driven Modelling

The ultimate aim for many organisations that are undertaking workforce planning is to be able to see the outcome of future scenarios on their workforce.

Our team has worked with numerous organisations to devise scenario models using data and evidence to inform a realistic view of the current and future environment, which can be used as a base for workforce planning decisions.

Data Visualisation

Data analysis and visualisation is one of our most requested services.

It is a key step within the WRaPT process as it can allow you to: Understand the scale of the challenge, confirm the challenge, assess future demand and also investigate further areas to review.

We are experts in sourcing, analysing and presenting data that is meaningful to you – be that workforce, activity or both.


Systems and organisations do not become healthy by accident. They become healthy because they are designed as such, because they are staffed by the right workforce doing the right things in the right roles, led in a coherent and purposeful way by a coalition of effective leaders working in high performing boundary-spanning teams. Transformation requires good leadership, and supporting great leadership is a key part of the combined WRaPT offer.

Project Mobilisation

Each project is bespoke and therefore working closely with each sponsor is important to us to ensure the success of delivery.Since our approach is tailored to you, the start-up stage can range from the creation of a simple project charter to a detailed Project Initiation Document. We will work closely with you to understand the geography, services and roles that your project covers so that we have an agreed understanding of what is in and out of scope.


For more information on anything, from how we can help inform decision making, to questions about our tools, please contact the team. We will help you in any way we can.