Without strong policies and leadership, health systems do not spontaneously provide balanced responses to these [population health] challenges, nor do they make the most efficient use of their resources

World Health Organisation, May 2010

Systems and organisations do not become healthy by accident. They become healthy because they are designed as such, because they are staffed by the right workforce doing the right things in the right roles, led in a coherent and purposeful way by a coalition of effective leaders working in high performing boundary-spanning teams. Achieving that vision is not easy, but it is critical to address the tranformation challenges that health and social care economies face right now. Transformation requires good leadership, and supporting great leadership is a key part of the combined WRaPT offer.

Through the partnership of WRaPT with GE Healthcare Partners. we are able to go beyond traditional workforce support to cover the whole range of capabilities required in complex organisational and system workforce transformation. We take a strategic, client need-focused approach to solutions, offering a range of options from bespoke leadership consultancy for complex or sensitive problems to rapid deployment of tried and tested interventions such as team and culture diagnostics, development programmes, 360 assessments, coaching and well led reviews. To ensure best fit, we tailor all our solutions to your needs and context, working hard to understand the realities you and your leaders are facing.

The leadership challenge for workforce transformation

Leadership is a critical enabler of workforce transformation, and leaders in today’s health and social care environments need to be more than just subject matter experts in their own field. They must be agile, responsive and emotionally intelligent enablers of others, agents for change, team players who check, challenge and collaborate effectively, and thoughtful problem solvers with communities and citizens at their heart. Additionally, it is no longer enough to look only to your own organisation to make things better. The integration of care, the increasing focus on place and the interconnectedness of organisations within an economy requires both a new skillset and a new mindset for today’s health and social care leaders, incorporating systems working and boundary-spanning leadership. This is never more apparent than in trying to co-ordinate and co-design a truly integrated workforce strategy, with the right people around the table, galvanised around a robust evidence base supporting innovative solutions, modelled and visualised in a meaningful, relevant way for the key stakeholders who need to make it a reality. This is where the WRaPT team can help.

Leadership in the workforce transformation journey

We can work in partnership with you to create a cohesive package of bespoke leadership assessment and development to achieve the essential outcomes for your leadership cohorts, seamlessly integrated with your wider workforce transformation programmes. From understanding leadership capabilities, switching leaders on to the mindset required for innovative redesign, facilitating key stakeholder events, engaging critical leaders, providing focused development for key clinical and non-clinical leaders, or the engagement support and behavioural change required to implement new care models and workforce deployment – we can help. The best development starts with dialogue, so call us to talk about how we could help you to support your leadership talent.