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Workforce Redesign – Better Care Together

Cross Economy

The WRaPT team are supporting Better Care Together with their transformation of health and social care services across North Lancashire and South Cumbria. The programme involves eleven partner organisations across North Lancashire and South Cumbria including North Lancashire Medical Services and South Cumbria Primary Care Collaborative.

All partner organisations are committed to delivering a “population” based approach to promoting wellbeing and providing care in which people and their needs are the focus rather than processes and buildings.


Bay Integrated Care Community – Better Care Together

Cross Economy

Bay Integrated Care Community (ICC) is a ‘place based’ system of care, seeking to proactively maintain and improve the health of the population living in the areas of Morecambe and Heysham which is part of the Better Care Together (BCT) vanguard programme.

The purpose of the ICC is to proactively manage the health and care needs of the most vulnerable members of the community by providing an integrated core team to deliver appropriate care outside of a hospital setting.


Cross Economy working – Better Care Together

Cross Economy

As part of a national drive for new models of care, the Better Care Together Vanguard was formed to bring together Health and Social Care organisations in North Lancashire and South Cumbria with the aim of developing revolutionary solutions to enhance sustainability and quality across their core work streams; Out of Hospital, Planned Care and Women and Children’s.


Cumbria Success Regime

Cross Economy

The Success Regime was deployed in the North, West and East Cumbria region to review the current health and social care services and define transformative solutions to improve patient outcomes and the sustainability of the overall health and social care economy.


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