This is an overview of the latest trends in workforce and planning.

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The WRaPT Process in the Future Healthcare Journal

Read the article published in the Future Healthcare Journal about how the WRaPT process draws upon the principles of ‘realist’ data evaluation to combine empirical evidence, practical experience and clinical theory to offer transformation strategies for an NHS workforce that is fit for purpose and its patients.

Developing a Pre-Consultation Business Case

Are you significantly reorganising services?

Do you need to evidence the shifts in service and workforce?

Read about how we have worked across the Cumbria Success Regime to develop service and workforce models for multiple services.

Creating an entire STP’s Baseline

Are you a system needing to transform?

What is your current system-wide workforce picture?

Learn how we created a workforce baseline across an STP footprint, and how you can do this too to understand your current workforce.

Establishing a Workforce Strategy

Integrated working is the ‘new normal’.

How do you bring together organisations and local systems in the future?

Find out how we co-created a 5-year workforce strategy for health and social care in Greater Manchester.


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