Data quality is a recognised issue throughout the health and social care economy. The WRaPT tool has the flexibility to match any form of activity data to workforce data through the use of cost centres. Reviewing data prior to upload has driven workforce data cleansing to reflect only staff contributing to activity within each cost centre, and where activity data has not existed, we have worked with teams to build a view from the bottom up for example through primary data collection.

By gathering the data from around your organisation to import into the WRaPT tool you will be able to identify areas of need and use the WRaPT tool to create meaningful discussions with all the parts of your organisation that need to work together to address the data quality issues. Ongoing use of WRaPT by individual departments will ensure continued data quality improvements throughout the whole organisation.

The WRaPT team are also able to support organisations in understanding the link between the clinical work, the collected activity data and the question they are trying to model. Usually, once the broader picture can be appreciated supporting improved data quality, culture changes can be seen within organisations.