Information Governance

We have worked with many cross economy and vanguard groups throughout the north of England and have assisted them in developing their interagency data sharing agreements. The best practice available below, are a culmination of that work that can either be used as they are, or to assist you in developing your own agreements.

Information Governance Pack

The WRaPT Team take their responsibilities under the Data Protection Act very seriously. As a service we review and reflect on our policies and procedures to ensure that we operate within relevant legislation and organisational requirements. As such the team have developed an 'IG Pack' that outlines how WRaPT complies with all relavent legislation and guidelines. Also included in the pack are data sharing agreements for organisations to use as a basis for their data sharing agreements.

Download the IG Pack →

Information Sharing Gateway

WRaPT has partnered with the Information Sharing Gateway in order to make setting up data sharing agreements eaasier for both parties as well as highlight potential risks. Any organisation can utilise the gateway, it's designed to be easy to use and unobtrusive. Speak to a member of the WRaPT team if your organisation would like to use the gateway with WRaPT or visit the ISG website to learn more about the gateway.

Visit the ISG Website →