Below is a cross section of our work, to help, we have split this into themes:

Capabilities is where we showcase what we can do and the organisations we engage with.

Current Trends is where we highlight current workforce initiatives that are popular.

Case studies are to show the detail of where we have worked.


Information Governance

Information governance is a major enabler in the day to day functioning of all health and care organisations as they process, store and access masses of personal data each and every day. The WRaPT team can advise in ensuring necessary IG protocols are in place and support you through the data sharing agreement process.

Data Driven Modelling

The ultimate aim for many organisations when workforce planning, is to see the outcome of future scenarios on their workforce. Our team has worked with numerous organisations to devise scenario models using data and evidence to inform a realistic view of the current and future environment, which can be used as a base for workforce planning decisions.

Data Visualisation

Data analysis and visualisation is one of our most requested services. It is a key step within the WRaPT process as it can allow you to understand the scale of the challenge,  confirm the challenge, assess future demand and investigate further areas to review. We are experts in sourcing, analysing and presenting data that is meaningful to you.

Current Trends

The WRaPT Process – an article in the Future Healthcare Journal

Do you need to evidence the shifts in service and workforce?

Read about how the WRaPT process uses data across transformation programmes to inform the delivery of the future NHS workforce.

Creating an entire STP’s Baseline

Are you a system needing to transform?

What is your current system-wide workforce picture?

Learn how we created a workforce baseline across an STP footprint, and how you can do this too to understand your current workforce.

Establishing a Workforce Strategy

Integrated working is the ‘new normal’.

How do you bring together organisations and local systems in the future?

Find out how we co-created a 5-year workforce strategy for health and social care in Greater Manchester.

Case Studies


Radiology Service Transformation – North Cumbria University Hospitals


North Cumbria University Hospitals NHS Trust is a medium sized acute Trust which delivers radiology services across two acute sites and several community hospitals in the North of England.

The hospital is in the process of improving its trauma services. In order to do this effectively, the Trust needs to provide a 24 hour on-site CT service at one of its acute sites.


Joint Community Services – Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS FT & Bridgewater Community Healthcare NHS FT


The WRaPT team supported Bridgewater Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust together with Wrightington, Wigan & Leigh NHS Foundation Trust in their joint redesign of community service delivery across the Wigan borough.

This new model of care required urgent analysis due to a requirement by the commissioning organisation to fully understand how their stipulated reduction in service costs would be delivered.


Bay Integrated Care Community – Better Care Together

Cross Economy

Bay Integrated Care Community (ICC) is a ‘place based’ system of care, seeking to proactively maintain and improve the health of the population living in the areas of Morecambe and Heysham which is part of the Better Care Together (BCT) vanguard programme.

The purpose of the ICC is to proactively manage the health and care needs of the most vulnerable members of the community by providing an integrated core team to deliver appropriate care outside of a hospital setting.


For more information, from how we can help inform decision making, to questions about our service and tools, please contact the team.