We have a range of tools that we can use as a team to support you through your project.


There are two primary functions of the tool: 1) The Workforce Repository and 2) Scenario modelling.

The tool operates on 3 sets of data:


WPCT tool

In summary the tool can be used to:

The tool has benefits over more complex and time consuming modelling. It is:

  • Quick to use and quick to produce high level outputs
  • Flexible and ideal for bespoke modelling (has user defined fields)
  • Capable of identifying skill gaps in the workforce
  • Suitable for high level rough and ready modelling, but can also be used for detailed day to day activity modelling to a very granular level.

The tool is itself contains simple user instructions, it is easy to use and update. As well as this, face to face training is developed during engagement. Although the tool could be used for most workforce situations, it may have limitations when very complex strategic and financial modelling is required and should not be used for financial modelling. In its current format, it is limited to analysing staffing numbers of ~200, this is due to be increased very soon.


AWMT tool


For more information on anything, from how we can help inform decision making, to questions about our tools, please contact the team. We will help you in any way we can.