Integrated Community Services Transformation – Lancashire Care NHS FT


The Adult Community Services network within Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust faces increases in demand and a reduction in commissioning funding. The team faced a challenge to be 10% more efficient within year for the Integrated Community Service pathway.
The network wanted to know if this could be achieved without affecting quality and safety of patient care. They chose WRaPT to model the workforce transformation.

The Challenge

WRaPT was tasked with establishing:

  1. The proportion of staff time within the service that was patient facing.
  2. The impact on activity if efficiency was not improved, but funding was cut – i.e. what would the situation be if they stayed as efficient as they were.
  3. The financial impact (workforce cost) of moving activities between bands through a skill mix review.
  4. Whether ideas for increasing the efficiency of clinical care would be enough to meet the challenge.

Our Approach

The Outcome

Integrated community
Integrated Community
WRaPT has been instrumental in ensuring evidence based decision making for workforce transformation as part of the integrated community services redesign programme. Once we had worked with the WRaPT team to identify suitable workforce, activity and driver data sets, WRaPT was able to model scenarios quickly to demonstrate the most effective way of realising savings across the service. This has informed our approach to transforming the workforce and we are now engaging with front-line staff to identify how we can increase efficiencies in clinical care whilst maintaining quality of service.
Deb Howe, ACS Service Integration Lead, Lancashire Care NHS FT Trust

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The WRaPT team is available to support your organisation with workforce transformation using the WRaPT Tool. Simply contact the team to discuss further: