Paediatric Services – Cumbria Success Regime


The Cumbria Success Regime (CSR) Maternity and Child Health work stream developed a number of options for reconfiguring paediatric services across North, West and East Cumbria.

The work stream had developed detailed clinical models of care but needed extra support in order to understand each option’s workforce requirements

The Challenge

The WRaPT team was tasked with quantifying the change in staff and skill mix in order to deliver each option. The options to be modelled were:

  • A short stay paediatric assessment unit (SSPAU) with overnight beds.
  • A short stay paediatric assessment unit with no overnight beds.
  • Outpatient service only.

Our Approach

The Outcome

Paediatric Services

The WRaPT tool has been useful in promoting a sound evidence base for taking strategic decisions for the Cumbria Success Regime.

Stephen Welfare, Workforce Advisor to the Cumbria Success Regime

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