WRaPT Resources

Workforce Template

The workforce template can be populated automatically from ESR, or filled from an equivalent HR system. The only required data for the repository is that which relates to an individual's role, such as position title, staff group and hierarchy. Salary data can be added for modelling, and protected characteristics may be added to facilitate equality impact assesments.

Activity Template

The activity template is filled with information on which teams provide which activity. Activity depends on what your teams do: for example in a ward 'Admissions' is an appropriate measure of activity whereas in a social care team 'Home Visits' is an appropriate measure.

Driver Definitions Template

Driver definitions are simply a list of each unique type of activity as defined in your activity file. They can be created easily in Excel from your activity template.

Drivers Template

Drivers are how activity is linked back to roles; it details what percentage of each roles time is spent on each activity in that team. This sort of information is not held by most organisations so requires discussions with staff or assumptions to be made. Once completed however, it allows for detailed modelling to be performed.

Download the templates here then when you're ready to upload login to the tool

WRaPT Demonstration

Workforce Profile Creator

The Workforce Profile Creator was designed to give organisations a breakdown of the characteristics of thier workforce. This allows organisations to see their workforce in a whole new way, leading to new methods of analysis. Examples of how organisations could use the tool are: ensuring that your workforce demographic matches that of the community; planning for maternity leave and retirement; and for performing equality impact assesments when redesigning services. The tool is designed to handle varying data completeness from multiple organisations.

Download PowerPoint with tool and instructions →

Example output from the profile creator showing Ethnicity Breakdown

Prevalidation Tool

The upload validator is an Excel based tool designed to ensure the WRaPT upload process goes smoothly. To achieve this goal, it provides two main pieces of functionality. Firstly, identifying errors in datasets and displaying them to users in a detailed and intuitive manner that may enable quicker diagnosis of issues if used before attempting to enter data directly into WRaPT. Secondly, to encourage best practises, display warnings for datasets that will not be useable for modelling due to missing or mismatched information and additionally warn about possible errors.

Download Validation Spreadsheet →