The WRaPT team offer a range of training sessions that will help you move your project forward no matter what stage you are at in your transformation journey.

There are several types of engagement that we carry out, ranging from delivering information / knowledge sessions to hands on training using the WRaPT tool, as follows:

  • Information session

  • Tool Walkthrough

  • WRaPT Process Training Session

  • WRaPT Tool Training Session

  • Introduction to Workforce Planning

  • Action Learning

In addition to this, we can offer bespoke training sessions that are tailored to you, contact us at wrapt@lancashirecare.nhs.uk to find out more.

Intro Sessions

Information Session: 15–90 mins

A member of the WRaPT Team will attend to discuss:

  • The background of the tool
  • Capabilities and uses
  • Data requirements
  • Case studies from elsewhere

Additionally, this session can be used to scope out how WRaPT can assist your specific projects and is a great starting point for your journey with WRaPT.

Virtual Face-to-Face

Tool Walkthrough: 30–60 mins

We can attend to demonstrate the functionality of the tool including:

  • Data formats
  • Uploading information
  • Exploring and reporting
  • Scenario modelling

This session is useful to see how the tool works in practice and to gain insight into its potential uses.

Training Sessions

WRaPT Process Training Session: Full Day

Delivered by our workforce experts, this training session will focus on the process of delivering effective data driven workforce planning and will enable delegates to:

  • Understand how to scope, mobilise and support workforce transformation using the WRaPT process.
  • Identify relevant data to inform baseline evaluation, future state discussions and scenario modelling.
  • Determine appropriate modelling techniques for differing challenges

The WRaPT Process Training is ideal for any individuals who will be involved in managing and delivering workforce transformation projects.

Virtual Face-to-Face

WRaPT Tool Training Session: Full Day

This full day training session will focus on the use of the WRaPT tool and will enable delegates to:

  • Identify, collate and format all the data required for WRaPT.
  • Use the WRaPT tool to build scenario models.

The course is suitable for delegates from all specialties and corporate functions but should be offered to those individuals who will be actively involved in using the tool to support workforce transformation.

Virtual Face-to-Face

Introduction to Workforce Planning: Half Day

This half day session is a pre cursor to the WRaPT Tool and WRaPT Process training. It is aimed at individuals who want to learn more about the concepts of workforce planning.

The session will cover:

  • What workforce planning is and why it is important.
  • Understanding the context surrounding your project
  • The steps involved in carrying out effective workforce planning and who needs to be involved
Virtual Face-to-Face

Action Learning: 3 * Half Day sessions

This hands-on development programme will take delegates step by step through the WRaPT process with use of the WRaPT tool, via a combination of training sessions and guided support working on a real project.

The WRaPT team will deliver a series of in-depth and focussed sessions tailored to the project, sharing their expertise in defining the scope, collecting relevant data, developing the future state and through to modelling scenarios.

Individuals working within the project area, across both operational and corporate functions will come together to form a unified project team to deliver workforce model(s) using WRaPT.

Virtual Face-to-Face


For more information on anything, from how we can help inform decision making, to questions about our tools, please contact the team. We will help you in any way we can.